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InvestED fundraiser for South Kitsap High School

InvestED will match up to $500 per school, per school year.

South Kitsap High School is currently the 5th largest high school in Washington State. Our student population is about 2,500 students and many of those students are enrolled in the free and reduced program.

We strive to ensure that students not let financial barriers prevent them from choosing diverse classes, participating in sports, music, school dances, or extracurricular activities. Your donation will help students pay for class fees and supplies, pay sports and music activity fees, and obtain an ASB card which will allow them to attend dances at a reduced price and home games for free – just to name a few! Families of South Kitsap High appreciate your donation!

You can help! Every year InvestED provides direct and immediate funding to students in need. Last year we helped over 25,000 students at over 600 schools and this year we want to double that amount. Your donation will go directly into the InvestED Fund at South Kitsap High School to help the students in need there. Simply designate your donation to South Kitsap High School from the drop down list on the donation page, and don't forget to share this campaign on your social pages!

Here’s just one of many stories we’ve received from our InvestED Program Coordinators:

A young lady at our school was diagnosed with rare bone cancer at the end of 4th grade. She missed all of 5th grade due to chemotherapy and then having 12 inches of her femur removed. During this time, her mom had to quit her job to take her daughter to all the medical appointments. The student returned to school in the 6th grade on crutches for the entire year. At the beginning of 7th grade, her mom called to ask if her daughter would get in trouble for using her older brother’s old PE uniform because they were short on money and could not afford to purchase her a new uniform. I assured the mom that the student would not get in trouble, then went down to PE and purchased a new uniform for the young lady and proudly wrote her name on the front of her shirt. I was able to use InvestEd funds to do this.

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InvestED helps students get to school, engage in school and graduate. We are undergoing an exciting transformation! You can be a part of it! Now in our 56th year, our goal is to double our support and reach 50,000 students in need throughout Washington beginning in 2020. (Last school year we distributed almost $1 million!) We're determined to reach our goal because there are almost 250,000 students in middle schools who qualify for our support Join this effort by giving and sharing with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors!

Donations are applied to...

Your gift provides funding to over 600 InvestED partner schools. When a counselor, coach, teacher - or any staff - see a student who has a need, they can tap into InvestED funding for a solution. A warm coat, testing fees, track shoes, band uniform ASB cards, credit retrieval, art supplies, prom dress athletic physical, cheer uniform, tutors, football cleats, yearbook....the list is long, BIG impact, LITTLE cost, NO Fuss.

Why are donations necessary?

A family's income should not be a barrier to a student's ability to reach their full potential. Athletic cleats, band uniforms, tutors and college application fees are luxuries to families who struggle day-to-day. These items are expensive yet are required for participation, leaving many students without access to learning experiences that can set them on a path towards realizing their full potential. Make a gift today!