Real Life Student Stories

Words from the students, and schools we support

A student in King County went through difficult times. Her mom started using drugs, sold the house, her siblings went in all different directions, leaving this student alone, with no home and no way to pay bills. The student found her way to an alternative school. With the help of InvestED we were able to step in and pay for school fees, graduation caps and gowns and were able to help put the student on a track to graduation.

There was a new student from a different county. She was alone, with no friends and didn’t feel she belonged. Her dad was unemployed, and she was constantly in the nurse's office with an upset stomach, probably because of anxiety in and outside of school. With the help from counselors and InvestED funds, we were able to pay for bowling fees and got her engaged with the team. That small act changed her life that year. She found new friends, was accepted and wanted to show up to school and work hard each day because she was engaged in outside activities that gave her purpose.

He came to me complaining of headaches. His teachers complained of him taking longer to read the board, reading directions on tests and just completing class assignments during class time. I passed this info on to our school nurse, thinking a vision test might be in order. He came in, performed the vision test, and sure enough, he was a candidate for glasses. When we told him this, he said that his vision was fine, and that no glasses are needed. We contacted his mother who then told us that he knew that affording glasses would be a financial hardship for his family. We told her that we could help with financial assistance from InvestED. She graciously accepted and he got his new glasses! He came into the office, proudly wearing his new eyewear and exclaimed, "I can see clearly now!" His participation has skyrocketed, he is able to keep up with the class, and his grades are significantly improved! He and his mother would like me to tell the folks at InvestED, "THANK YOU!"